Garage door maintenance is mostly overlooked by owners, inspecting and regular checks of every part of your garage door at least twice a year might save you the headache of it getting spoiled unannounced and increases its lifespan.

Here are some few tips on how to maintain garage doors.

1. Listen to the sound of the door.

A well-maintained garage door will be quiet when moves up and down, there will not be jerkiness in its motion. also take a look at both the side system you look at the springs, pulleys, and cable, also and make sure they’re looking symmetrical.

2. Keep it lubricated.

This doesn’t require any special technique, all you need is a can of lubricant which you will apply on the, screws, chains and overhead springs. The opener chain and screws can be lubricated using a lithium grease. However, the overhead springs need a little more TLC.

garage door maintenance

3. Clearing of the tracks.

Check the sides of the door and make sure there aren’t rust or debris. Use a  level to make sure the horizontal and vertical are at the same height on the garage wall.

4. Make sure the hardware are tightened

The typical garage door moves up and down and this can motion and vibration can make the door loosen up.  so it is important to check if there’s any loose bolts or screw and tighten the hardware.

5. Check the rollers and replace as needed

Most Rollers are made of steel or nylon and it is recommended to have them checked and replaced every seven years.
The smoothness your garage door as you open and close it solely depends on the state and quality of the rollers. 
When you notice that cranky funny sounds while opening your garage doors, your rollers are either chipped or cracked due to rusty or accidents and it needs to be replaced before it affects the motor.

6. Schedule Inspections to Keep Up Garage Door Maintenance

Another important aspect of garage door maintenance is scheduling inspections with experienced garage door repair company.
At Universal Garage Doors, our experts will replace broken springs or install safety features for you.

Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.